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As the name suggests a whirlpool shower bath combines the benefits of having a shower, bath and whirlpool in your bathroom all in one complete unit. When planning your new bathroom including a shower enclosure is a must. However, the addition of a bath is also desirable and can add saleability to your home. Many people enjoy soaking away the stresses of a hard day or simply washing the kids inside a bath. Therefore, choosing a whirlpool shower bath provides the benefits of a shower and a bath with the addition of hydromassage. A whirlpool shower bath will also help save space inside your bathroom.

Whirlpool Shower Bath Buying Guide

A whirlpool shower bath can come in a variety of styles and sizes. All variations will come with a whirlpool bath with different showering options.
  • Tap Connector:

    The simplest style is to have a separate shower with a hose that connects onto the taps that are used to fill the bath. This is the cheapest option but you will need to install some mechanism to hold the showerhead to the wall if you plan to stand up whilst showering.
  • Built-in Shower:

    Higher end whirlpool shower baths will include a built-in shower head located at the side of the bath and connected into the whirlpool baths water system. This showerhead is supplied to offer a quick way to wash off any shampoo, soap suds or bubble bath before exiting the whirlpool shower bath.
  • Glass screen:

    A number of whirlpool shower baths will advertise the option of choosing a glass screen. A standard shower kit can then be installed onto the wall above the whirlpool bath. Look for a bath screen that is toughened with a thickness of 5mm or higher.
  • Steam Shower:

    A great alternative is a steam shower with a built-in whirlpool bath. All steam showers will include a hand shower and usually an overhead shower with the added benefit of steam.

Whirlpool Jet Systems

  • Water Massage:

    A water jet system is the standard hydromassage option. Jets will align the sides of the whirlpool bath. A water pump draws in the bath water before pumping that water back into the tub to create streams of water.
  • Air Massage:

    Usually included on higher end whirlpool baths or as an upgrade option. In addition to the water jets that surround the user an air pump will blow streams of air up through the water. The air massage jets will align the bottom of the whirlpool shower bath.
  • Water Heater:

    This is not a standard option but some suppliers can offer this upgrade so that the water is heated as it passes through the pump. A water heater is usually included with outdoor hot tubs where the same water is left inside the tub. The indoor benefit is lessened as the bath water is usually disposed of after every use. However, the water heater does allow you to maintain a higher water temperature for a longer bath session.

Whirlpool Shower Bath Shapes

  • P-shaped:

    To give extra showering space one end of the whirlpool bath may protrude out further in a "P" shape. While giving extra showering space the bath will not intrude too much on the overall bathroom floor space.
  • Rectangular:

    This is often the most practical and workable sizing for most bathrooms, benefiting from a symmetry inside the whirlpool bath and excellent use of space.
  • Corner Quadrant:

    A corner quadrant does not usually include a bath screen. The crescent shape usually benefits from a larger overall bath.

Whirlpool Shower Bath Capacity

  • Water Capacity:

    If you have a hot water tank then you should check its storage capacity to see if you can store enough hot water to fill the bath. Also, please note that the filling time could be upward of 10-20 minutes so a larger tub may well lead to a longer the filling time.
  • Number of People:

    Ask yourself how many people will use the whirlpool bath at any one time. You will find that some models have space for two bathers either side-by-side or head to foot.

Whirlpool Shower Bath Materials

  • Material:

    While a whirlpool bath could be manufactured from wood, brass, cast-iron or glass it is common to use acrylic. Acrylic is easy to vacuum mold and being opaque it hides all of the internal pipes and pumps. It is also a great natural insulator and warm to the touch. Make sure that the whirlpool bath has adequate fibreglass reinforcement with a strong metal frame.
  • Skirt & End panel:

    If you do not plan to tile the side of the bath then you need to choose a bath that includes a side and end skirt. These can sometimes be added but at an additional cost.
  • Prefrabricated Fittings:

    Some whirlpool shower baths will come prefabricated with all the water jets, taps and showerheads pre-drilled, fitted and sealed. This makes your installation job a lot quicker and easier saving both time and money. Other models will leave the taps undrilled so you can choose between a few alternative tap locations.
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